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Jacob Greene - Bio-X Undergraduate Fellow

Photo of Stanford student and Stanford Bio-X Undergraduate Summer Research Program Participant Jacob Greene.
2019 Undergraduate Summer Research Program Participant and 2020 Cohort Lead

Home Department: Biology
2019 Mentor: Michelle Monje, Neurology & Neurological Sciences
2020 Mentor: Erin Gibson, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

2019 Research Project: Chemotherapy Photo of undergraduate student Jacob Greene sitting in lab space, with microscope behind him and a computer screen showing colorful images of cancer cells in front of him.often results in a host of neurological deficits, including cognitive disruptions. These side effects can be rescued through the depletion of microglia, the resident immune cells of the central nervous system, following chemotherapy treatment. During the summer, Jacob hopes to investigate how microglia repopulate the brain post-depletion in an effort to optimize this microglia depletion therapy.

2020 Research Project: “The Role of the Circadian System in Oligodendrocyte Lineage Cells in Development and Disease”

Chemotherapy often results in a host of neurological deficits, including cognitive and mental health disruptions, colloquially referred to as “chemobrain”. Jacob will determine the role of the circadian system in the regulation of glial cells, which surround the neurons to support and insulate them, in the etiology of chemobrain. The characterization of this system could yield neuroprotective strategies aimed at minimizing the effects of chemobrain, and could have implications for other mental health disorders.